Aircraft engine components


Safran Transmission Systems Poland specializes in advanced technological processes used in machining and assembling aircraft engine components such as: bearing supports, air-guiding systems (stators) and turbine blades.

In its cooperation with Safran Aero Boosters the company Safran Transmission Systems Poland is responsible for supplies of components for CFM56, GEnx, and GP7000 propulsion systems, industrializing at the same time certain products for LEAP engine.

Technological excellence in production of engine stators

Safran Transmission Systems Poland assembles aluminum-titanium stators (guide systems) for CFM56, GEnx, and GP7000 engines. The company is also in the process of industrialization of stators for LEAP 1A,C and LEAP 1B engines.

The firm receives parts for the compressor module (vanes and rings), and at Safran Transmission Systems Poland the components are assembled. Stators to engines GP7000, CFM56, and GEnx are assembled by means of bolted or riveted joints. As far as stators for LEAP 1A,C and LEAP 1B engines are concerned, we currently introduce the assembly process based on electron beam welding. As a result of implementing this up-to-date technology, the welded stators will be lighter then those bolted or riveted.

Apart from assembling rings and vanes, Safran Transmission Systems Poland is also responsible for sealing the stators with silicone, machining the components, retouching, visual inspection, and 3D measuring inspection.
The stators are supplied to the Safran Aero Boosters company.

Last year, 786 stators for GP7000, 501 stators for CFM, and 291 stators for GEnx turbofan jet engine have been assembled at Safran Transmission Systems Poland.

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