Gearbox housings

The Polish plant of Safran Transmission Systems manufactures main power gearbox and angle gearbox housings for CFM56-5 and CFM56-7 engines and for the state-of-the-art LEAP 1A and LEAP 1B engines. The largest of housings is 1650 mm long and weighs 33 kg.

Main power gearbox and angle gearbox housings

Large housings are machine-cast, but the plant is preparing to manufacture them with the use of solid blocks. It is possible by using high-performance machines and state of the art software solutions and tools dedicated to programming CNC machine tools.
Each housing is subjected to a visual and dimensional inspection, as well as precision cleaning. The inspection of oil channels is performed with the use of an endoscope.  

Gearbox housings
Covers for AGB housings

When it comes to the production of coatings for AGB housings, Safran Transmission Systems Poland is moving from cast to solid blocks treatment.


From cast to solid blocks: the implementation of solid block covers treatment is possible owing to the use of modern tools and software. The Polish Safran Transmission Systems plant manufactures AGB housings using modern, multi-pallet machining centers equipped with tool magazines with several hundred items.
All covers are subjected to visual and dimensional inspection and, in the final stage of production, to non-destructive testing and precise cleaning that removes micro-pollutants.

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