Another product for power transmission, which is manufactured in the Polish Safran Transmission Systems plant, are cylindrical gears with straight teeth.

Strength and precision

Safran Transmission Systems Poland produces approx. 23,000 gears a year. The size of the gears is up to 250 mm, with 5th grade precision gearing, and  5th grade spline accuracy.
The treated materials are a steel alloys in the form of bars and forgings. Mechanical treatment includes turning (soft and hard), milling, slotting of teeth, as well as broaching and grinding both teeth and splines. In addition to machining, gears are subjected to comprehensive thermochemical treatment. Each gear is subjected to visual, dimensional and non-destructive testing (NDT).

Gears - Strength and precision
Injectors - small but important elements of the gear

Precision turning, milling and drilling: the injectors produced in the Polish Safran Transmission Systems plant are mounted on AGB and TGB gearboxes. Machining of small parts includes precision turning, milling and micro-holes drilling. After visual and dimensional examination, feed stream accuracy of each piece is tested.

Made of steel or aluminum, injectors require very precise machining.

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