Hispano-Suiza Polska kicks off plant construction and hiring

Sedziszow Małopolski, September 4, 2015

Hispano-Suiza Polska, the Polish subsidiary of Hispano-Suiza (Safran), has started the construction of a second plant and has begun to recruit new staff. This early recruitment gives Hispano-Suiza Polska the time needed to train staff for new positions.

The new plant requires highly qualified personnel, since it will make components and subassemblies for the state-of-the-art LEAP jet engines from Snecma, a fellow Safran company. LEAP is an advanced turbofan engine that will power the new generation of single-aisle jets shortly to be introduced by Boeing, Airbus and Comac (China).
"We are hiring seasoned precision welders, numerical control machine operators, special process operators, quality inspectors, specialists in non-destructive testing, process engineers, quality engineers, fitters and other specialized staff," notes Kaja Zielonka-Foryś, Human Resources Manager for Hispano-Suiza Polska. Applications may be sent to kadry@hispano-suiza-polska.com

Hispano-Suiza Polska is recruiting all qualified persons. The company will also provide training courses for candidates lacking certain specific qualifications and will offer excellent carrier development opportunities. These are permanent contracts, with full benefits, including in-service training, medical coverage, life insurance, etc. A work's council offers additional benefits.
Hispano-Suiza Polska's second plant will be located near National Highway 4 in Sedziszow Małopolski. It is designed to provide all employees with a comfortable and efficient work environment.

Over the next few years, Hispano-Suiza Polska plans to hire more than 300 employees.

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