Aircraft engine components


Safran Transmission Systems Poland specializes in advanced technological processes used in machining and assembling aircraft engine components such as: bearing supports, air-guiding systems (stators) and turbine blades.

In its cooperation with Safran Aero Boosters the company Safran Transmission Systems Poland is responsible for supplies of components for CFM56, GEnx, and GP7000 propulsion systems, industrializing at the same time certain products for LEAP engine.

Expertness in machining blades for turbine rotors

Safran Transmission Systems Poland is specialized in machining blades for CFM56-7 turbine rotors and currently works on industrialization of blades for LEAP engine. The plant receives a precisely manufactured castings of inconel alloy, and the first stage of production is grinding the root and the "shrouded tip" — the two ends of the component. Further processes include chemical and thermal treatment of the blades.

Each blade is subjected to visual inspection, quality control performed by means of non-destructive tests, and 3D measuring inspection.

Safran Transmission Systems Poland's customer for turbine blades is Safran Aero Boosters. The last year's production volume amounted to 149,471 blades for CFM56-7 engine.

Safran Transmission Systems Poland prepares itself also for starting up a production line for manufacturing LEAP engine turbine blades.

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