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Safran Transmission Systems in Poland, a key link in the chain of Safran's mechanical expertise

Safran Transmission Systems Poland specializes in manufacturing and assembling technologically advanced components for aircraft engines. The most important group of products are complete power transmissions for Boeing 737 and Airbus A320.

The Polish plant was formed in 2001, and, since the beginning, it has actively co-created the success of the most popular CFM56 aircraft engines, supplying transmission components, and completed power transmission systems for CFM56-5 and CFM56-7.

The next stage of development was the launch of the production of gears and housings of the power transmissions for Trent 700, and then complete power transmissions for the Trent XWB engines, produced by Rolls-Royce.

Currently Safran Transmission Systems Poland is also becoming an important partner in the construction of state-of-the-art LEAP engines, designed as power units for the upcoming generation of single-aisle jets introduced by Airbus, Boeing and Comac.

The Polish plant is constantly enhancing its competences by expanding cooperation with other companies of the Safran Group, among others with Safran Aero Boosters in the field of components for engines, Safran Helicopter Engines, to whom it provides precise gears for helicopter engines, and now, also with Safran Aircraft Engines in the scope of parts for aircraft engines. Safran Transmission Systems Poland's performance in terms of quality and on-time delivery, which earns regular kudos from its customers, has established its reputation within Safran Group and Aviation Valley.

Aviation Valley is an industrial cluster in south-east Poland, which brings together more than 100 aerospace companies valued for their mechanical expertise. This knowledge base is anchored in  universities, research institutes, laboratories, and companies, both large and small ones, forming a dense industrial and business structure.

The dynamic development of Safran Transmission Systems Poland is inspired by both cooperation with demanding clients, as well as through projects carried out jointly with the Technical University of Rzeszow and other universities, but also through active operation in the Aviation Valley cluster.

The new Logistic Center

In 2015, Safran Transmission Systems Poland opened an advanced Logistics Centre for storage of production materials and finished products.

The facility is one of the  most technologically advanced structures of that type in south-eastern Poland's Podkarpacie region. The new Logistic Center takes over all functions connected with acceptance, quality control, storage and preparation of materials for production, as well as operations related to storage and dispatch of finished products.

Total usable surface area of the Logistic Center, including the warehousing hall and logistic office premises, is nearly 5 thousand sq. m. The facility is equipped with an intelligent system monitoring such parameters of the interior environment as temperature and humidity. The storage area is provided with comprehensive fire protection system which in case of fire and excessive temperature increase will activate automatically water sprinklers and smoke venting system.

Up-to-date solutions create safe and comfortable conditions for work.

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