Power transmissions systems assembly

Safran Transmission Systems Poland produces power transmissions for aircraft engines from world-leading manufacturers: CFM International and Rolls-Royce. Aircraft like the Boeing 737, Airbus A320 and Airbus A350 are equipped with power transmissions  manufactured by this Polish producer.

Power transmissions– manufacturing precision, durability and reliability

The role of power transmissions is to transmit power from the main engine shaft to the auxiliary accessories, such as fuel pump, electrical power generator, and engine lubrication pump. Safran Transmission Systems Poland manufactures the accessory gearboxes (AGB) for the most popular aircraft engines: CFM56-5, CFM56-7 and Trent XWB, while in 2016 we began the assembly of power transmissions for the LEAP engine.

Each AGB consists of about 400 elements; the most important components being the main housing, gears and covers, all of which are manufactured by Safran Transmission Systems Poland.

More than 5000 power transmissions have been assembled in our plant located in Poland, with each of them meeting the most stringent quality and precision requirements. We have had no recall actions from our customers.

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